About Effectus But Different AB

Innovation capability Effectus has collected a wealth of knowledge around innovation methods. This has been turned into concrete, efficient and customised corporate methods. It is serious…. and important and insanely fun to work with innovation. It’s about creating forums, structure and culture to be an innovative company.Effectus helps you to develop innovation processes in your company and create a work set which collects the potential which exists amongst all employees and their contacts. A new and exciting way can be open innovation, social innovation or userdriven innovation – together we determine what is best suited for your company.

Project efficiency Effectus has more than 25 years experience in developing efficient project organisations and proactive project workers in clear role playing. We have educated circa 4,000 professonal project managers and project employees in Sweden and internationally. Effectus gives you a model independent craftsmanship in the art of satisfying stakeholders. We give your international best practice, practical and down to earth, regardless of whether it is a small project or a large project portfolio.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Whether you work in a large organisation or just started your first company. Dare to grow with constant business focus, where smart work sets means that change and renewal is easier, together with a continuous professional development of you as a leader and the people you work with. That is what makes opportunities arise, your clients maintain their interest and the co-operation grows.

Do you want to grow as a leader? Follow our unique coaching program Personal leadership, there you will have access to a tailor-made development program at your own pace, together with the coach of your choice to guide you along the journey.

You know your business and know what you are specialists in. We can provide you with an outside perspective and clever shortcuts to more business for more favourite customers.
Work smarter, not harder

No productive business is accomplished when the energy goes to unclear communication, poor relationships and non-effective meetings and collaborations. We have developed a number of modules which oil the wheels.

  • Say what your recipients want to hear
  • Difficult conversation – conflictresolution and feedback
  • The road to YES – collaboration with confidence
  • Negotation  with satisfied stakeholders
  • Effective meetings
  • Personal effectiveness